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Short movie

The ORDER | ЗАКАЗ | Short movie

The main mission of the short film is to show for a young people that they mistake about what they would receive from the unfair studying and cheating in the University.

The short film “Order” – it’s a story about who are the students that give bribes in fact in Ukrainian Universities.

The main character – Merry (Marina Vostrikova) – fashionable student who aspires to be loved by all around and that the opinions of others is very important for self-esteem . She is ready to go to any tricks and cheats, including bribes, to pass the exams at the University for obtaining, as she thinks, unnecessary classes.

Main idea: The fashionable student girl tries to give a bribe for passing an exam in University with thoughts that after receiving a diploma she becomes a successful business lady, but the teacher sees it in a different way.



Student girl – Marinochka Vostrikova
Teacher – Oleg Karpenko
Students: Nikita Hopryachkov, Анастасия Алексеевна Вугнявая, Оля Солодовникова, Юлия Королёва, Артем Замковой, Полина Павлий, Николай Маляренко, А. Васильев, Анатолий Шекера, Наталья Пинченко
Also: Виталий Молчанов, Iurii Budilov, Anastasia Belaia, Владислав Рымарев, Владислава Бердикова, Анастасия Кузина.

Director: Sergiy Pudich
DoP – Alisa Pavlovskaya
Art director – Velychev Ievgen
Colorist/Production consulting – Andrey Ilyin
VFX artist – Игорь Алексеенко
Director of editing – Sergiy Pudich
Editing – Maxim Denysenko
1AC – Gleb Ovchinnikov
Make-up artist – Екатерина Дубчак
Administrator – Viktor Pudich
Sound director: Anton Vasilev
Sound on stage: Alexandr Shepotin
Backstage – Alexandr Draglyuk
Переводчик – Alexandra Kovalchuk
Web консультант – Artem Shyshko
Curators – Felix Kriegsheim,
Daniel Duschparty,
Stefano Strocchi, Виктор Броницкий,
Daniel Karslake, Felipe Kohlhörster

Date Published: January 19.2017
Skills: cinematography, color correction, directing, editing