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Non e vero

Non e Vero

A small girl bored while staying alone with her busy Grandpa in his house. She tries in any possible ways to grab his attention, but something goes wrong…

Short horror movie.
Length: 7’12”
Language: italian
Genre: horror

Director&writer: Sergiy Pudich

Producers: Sergiy Pudich, Laura Scorretti

Actors: Eleonora Mineo, Franco Scorretti, Francesca Scorretti, Laura Scorreti

Color correction: Andrey Ilyin

VFX: Ihor Oleksienko

Designer: Vasyl Moldavchuk

Music and Sound Design by Filippo Torre and Cosma Nuzzolo

DoP/Editor – Sergiy Pudich

All rights reserved.

EasyLiving Films, 2019

Date Published: March 27.2019
Skills: cinematography, color correction, commercial, directing, editing, Music